EnduroShield Rain Repellent really shines in the rain. That’s because it delivers significantly enhanced visibility by assisting the water to bead off the surface, making driving and less stressful in adverse conditions.


Improved visibility

Clear vision is a key to maintaining safe distances and avoiding hazards, particularly in the wet. An EnduroShielded windshield on a rainy evening can offer the same visibility as an untreated windshield during a rainy day.


Scientifically proven benefits

The University of Michigan undertook a study to determine the effects of rain repellent coatings on automotive windshields. Under simulated rainy driving conditions, treated glass:
1. Reduced Response Time by greater than 1 second (on average) – equivalent to more than 88 feet of travel at 62mph (27m at 100kmh)!
2. Significantly Increased Visual Acuity – leading to a 34% higher ability to recognize objects, signs, and hazards

As a world-leader in glass coatings, EnduroShield Rain Repellent Glass offers you these benefits for up to 12 months from a single application.[/one_half_last]


Treating your windscreen with EnduroShield helps to repel water and improve forward visibility in wet conditions.

Russell White,
Founder & CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF)

Our entire Driver Safety Fleet now has better visibility in the wet with EnduroShield Auto Glass.

Nick Smith,
Commercial Operations Manager,
Driver Safety Australia

EnduroShield formula takes the honours in this test as it delivers remarkable stamina. Throughout our assessment, this product showed no sign of flagging.

UK’s Auto Express Magazine’s performance test for rain repellent products

After the successful trials, EnduroShield was applied to all our operational road policing vehicles.

Lothian and Borders Police force,
Scotland, UK

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