Improved Driving Visibility

EnduroShield Windshield Rain Repellent allows you to drive safe, and drive confident. Why? Because unlike traditional windshield coatings which need to be regularly reapplied, EnduroShield is ultra long lasting. One application can provide up to 1 years’ protection from rain, dirt, and oily road grime.

Dramatically improved visibility in wet weather is just the beginning. You’ll also find that:


  • - Repels rain, dirt, and oily road grime
  • - Reduces response time in wet weather driving
  • - Night time vision as clear as untreated daytime vision
  • - Allows easier removal of ice, snow and bugs


With improved visibility helping you to be more aware of your surroundings and improving your response times in adverse events, it’s safe to say that an EnduroShielded Windshield allows you to drive safe, and drive confident.


EnduroShield® uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to transform automotive glass into a high performance, ultra-long lasting rain repellent surface. This non-stick, invisible coating turns rainwater into smaller beads which are easily swept away.
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EnduroShield Windhshield Rain Repellent is incredibly easy to apply. Each kit is designed to cover one standard car or SUV windshield, and application only takes a few minutes.

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EnduroShield Auto Glass really shines in the rain. That’s because it delivers significantly enhanced visibility by forcing water to bead off the surface, in adverse wet weather conditions.

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EnduroShield allows easier removal of snow, ice and frost. This is because it forms a protective barrier to help reduce the adhesion of the frozen water particles.

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The repellent nature of EnduroShield means that mud and dust are less likely to stick to your windshield, and any smaller particles that do are more easily
cleaned off.

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Drivers covering big miles are familiar with the smear of bugs that often plasters the windshield over the course of a trip. EnduroShield helps to reduce them from sticking, and makes them easier to remove.
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Treating your windscreen with EnduroShield helps to repel water and improve forward visibility in wet conditions.

Russell White,
Founder & CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF)

Our entire Driver Safety Fleet now has better visibility in the wet with EnduroShield Auto Glass.

Nick Smith,
Commercial Operations Manager,
Driver Safety Australia

EnduroShield formula takes the honours in this test as it delivers remarkable stamina. Throughout our assessment, this product showed no sign of flagging.

UK’s Auto Express Magazine’s performance test for rain repellent products

After the successful trials, EnduroShield was applied to all our operational road policing vehicles.

Lothian and Borders Police force,
Scotland, UK

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